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Leadership Development


  • A set of leadership skills will underpin each stage. These are based on the core competencies for Headteachers, and for Associate Staff also incorporate Management Diploma standards

  • Certain experiences or activities are linked to each stage

  • There will be five or six face-to-face sessions over a six month period during twilight time

  • 360º peer/student reviews are built in

  • Self-assessment against the leadership skills is built in

  • A mentor is assigned to support/review progress

  • Each stage culminates in a graduation ceremony and awarding of a certificate


Stage 6 Towards Middle Leadership

Who is this aimed at?

This programme is aimed at colleagues who are in their first 2-4 years of teaching and have either been appointed to their first leadership role or have been recommended by their line manager as someone with potential.

As the course is focused on leadership rather than subject content, this programme would be appropriate for the following colleagues:

  • Teachers with the potential to become middle leader
  • Teachers who have a small or focused leadership responsibility
  • Learning Mentors, Teaching Assistants, Administrators and other support staff professionals who have a classroom facing role where they support young people
  • Associate staff who have the potential to take on the leadership of a team of staff


Stage 7 Towards Senior Leadership

Who is this aimed at?
This programme is aimed at colleagues who have experience at Middle Leadership level and who now aspire to Senior Management. They may already have been appointed to a Senior Leadership role, or they may have been identified by their line managers as having the potential for a role at this level. The programme will run across the academic year and will be made up of six seminars, each of which will focus upon a different aspect of school leadership. Each member of the cohort will work on a project that is part of their job description and the mentoring and coaching that is contained within the programme will be targeted at this area of development.


Stage 8 Towards Headship

Who is this aimed at?

This programme is aimed at colleagues who have held a Senior Leadership position for at least two years, and are now preparing for Headship. They will either have completed the NPQH, or be applying to start the course.